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    What software is the game plus?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Game Canada is an essential software for gaming such as showing FPS, high -definition game video, ultra -clear game screenshots, hardware monitoring, performance analysis, hot -key shielding, and world clock. Compared with other software on the market, the function is stronger and the operation is easier.
      Pucting data
      It 5 minutes before recording the video, in the case of 30 frames, the file size is about 100m, which is convenient for uploading. The computer is at 16G memory configuration.
      Igly, just press the hot key at this time, the game plus will help you save the video video between 5-600 seconds before pressing the video key.
      In the use of the Ctrl TAB key in the game to call the built -in console (the location of this window can be dragged at will)

      adjusts the settings you need. No need to save.

      The reference information game plus official website

    2. Gaming plus is a tool for hardware monitoring, accelerated game, and performance statistics. In addition, it also has some picture quality optimization solutions for the game, as well as video features, which can make you more comfortable to play games. Video can be saved. Your wonderful shot allows you to edit your own wonderful game time video

    3. Gaming plus is a tool type software. I often use the game quality function and hardware information display function of the game. The software itself is free, which is very suitable for small white users.

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