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    What are the types of web games?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Chess and cards leisure online game
      The online battle game
      role -playing large online games
      (with the above three types of games)
      R n adventure game

      puzzle game

      card games
      n fighting games
      developed games

      desktop games

      music games

      shooting game

      role playing

      racing games

      Instant strategic game
      Introduction: Web game is also known as web Games, unprecedented online games, referred to as page games for short. It is based on the web browser's online multi -person interactive game. There is no need to download the client. There is no problem with insufficient machine configuration. The most important thing is that it is extremely convenient to close or switch, especially suitable for office workers.
      game features:
      The game content: market is no longer a sports game, strategic game domination, various types of web games have been recognized by the market, pets, fairy, RPG class , Management, games are constantly emerging.
      The game cross -form integration: Thanks to Flash technology maturity and the accumulation of research and development talents, full -pixels and instant games have become mainstream market products, which is comparable to the mainstream 2D ​​client online games.
      The product structure is gradually abundant: the product type is high, among the 986 games visible in the market, the role -playing category accounts for 38%of the market share, and the war strategy category accounts for 36%of the market share. Market new power. New games of tower defense, development, and leisure competition have also emerged from 2010-2011, and have been recognized by players and markets.
      It's step into global operation: With the maturity and competition of the Chinese web game market, page game manufacturers have turned their perspectives to overseas markets. Kunlun, Legang and other leading web game research and operations in the exports of exports in overseas markets have been equivalent to domestic operating income, and exports cover the country and regions.

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