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    How to set iPhone to change the geographical location


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. For users of Apple mobile phones, many friends idols modify the location information in one place. How does Apple change the positioning of the mobile phone? In fact, the method is relatively simple, and it is very easy to use. Let's introduce it in detail.
      How to how to change the positioning of the mobile phone?
      A operating environment:
      1, computer system requirements: Windows7/8/10
      2, mobile phone system requirements: IOS various versions
      3,,,,,,,, to
      3,,,,,,,, During the installation process, the anti -virus software may be intercepted. Please use
      to use the specific steps:
      The first step: download the modification location software
      Step 2: Double -click software to run directly without installation. Essence Note: After downloading or running, please make sure that the anti -virus software will not intercept
      The third step: connect the Apple mobile phone to the computer, and use the repair tool on the network disk for environmental repair. Note: You should have a mobile phone to connect to the computer assistant software on your computer. Please add trust on your mobile phone when running
      Step 4: Modify the operating environment, find the restoration package corresponding to your iOS version number in the network disk, such as 11.4 Download 11.4 packs, and double -click to download. Note that in the process, please do not be intercepted by antivirus software.
      In the decompression after downloading, double -click Run REPAIR, and it can be repaired directly.
      Step 5: Start modify the positioning. After selecting the position on the computer, click to modify the positioning position
      : Modification is successful, see if your mobile phone, the positioning of all applications has been modified successfully !
      The above is a brief introduction to how Apple changes the positioning position of the mobile phone. Is it very simple? Friends who are interested can try it.

    2. How to set iPhone to change geographical location
      . Of course, to escape, open Cydia.

      . Search [Positioning Modifier] and download and install.

      . After installation, return to the desktop, open the [Positioning Modifier]

      . Enter the software interface and select the location of your own needs [long press], and then click [button indicated in the figure].

      . Click to set up in the upper right corner.

      . Click [Application Whitelist].

      . According to your own need to choose a virtual positioning APP.

    3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer to open [Settings]-[My Device]-[All parameters], click seven times [MIUI version] to enter the developer mode; return to setting the main interface, click [more settings]-[Developer option]-[Select simulation simulation Location Information Application]-[Virtual Positioning], return to the phone desktop, open [virtual positioning], search address, and click [Cross here].nQuestion how to change the geographical location of the mobile phonenHow to change the geographical location of the mobile phone for vivo mobile phonenAnswer First of all, we turn on the mobile phone, after entering the mobile phone desktop, we drop out the notification bar, and then find the GPS function in the notification bar, click to open the GPSnIn the pop -up position information interface, we click on the position service, and then select the power saving function belownAfter turning on the GPS function, return to the phone desktop, find the setting icon, click on the settings, enter the settings interface, find more setting options in the interface, click to opennAfter entering more settings interface, find the developer option below, click to open, enter the developer option interface, select the simulation location information application option, click to open, the FAKE local function, click to use it to usenThen go back to the desktop, find the FAKE LOCATION software icon, click to opennMagnify the map, find the required address, click the selection address, and after the red dot appears, you can click the start button in the interface to start simulationnThen start using the required app. At this time, the address detected by the app is the analog addressnMore 8nBleak

    4. Software has an Apple mobile phone positioning modification function, which can simulate any location, no need to jailbreak, support the latest version of iOS system, and support all applications.
      Specific steps:
      1. Open the computer's default browser, enter Wang Sicong.cc official website address, download the latest version of software.
      2. After the download is successful, you will get a zip format compressed file. Use decompression software to decompress the file to obtain two files :txt.
      3, double -click the running program.
      4. Use Apple's original data cable to connect the phone. At this time, the mobile phone will prompt whether to trust the option of the computer and click trust.
      5, the software will jump to the environmental detection interface. The mobile phone that is connected for the first time needs to repair the operating environment.
      6, select the top mobile phone positioning button, move the mouse to select the place you want to locate, click to modify the positioning, the software prompts to modify it successfully.
      7. If you encounter any questions, please see "Frequently Asked Questions Explanation.txt"

    5. YWOQ (Software is in the answer, take it by yourself)
      The no root or jailbreak is required.
      Positioning protection, photo protection, WIFI protection, address book protection, model protection, I have the functions you want.
      Stock positioning can modify the location of the game, such as chess and cards, online games, etc., to control the pleasure of entertainment; virtual positioning live broadcast platform field control robot to increase the people's breath to the live broadcast; Nearby friends can also be used for attendance software, sitting at home for field punch cards, and so on.

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