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    How did Mahjong play?


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    1. There are 62 types of patterns in the full card, 144.
      (1) The total number of number cards is 108 cards
      .1. From 10,000 to 90,000, 4 pieces each, a total of 36.
      2. Cake cards: From one cake to nine cakes, 4 pieces each, a total of 36.
      3. Bar cards: From one to nine, 4 each, a total of 36.
      (2) Total 28 cards
      1. Wind cards: east, south, west, north, a total of 16 photos.
      2. Arrow cards: medium, hair, white, 4 photos each
      , a total of 12 photos.
      (3) Flower cards: spring, summer, autumn, winter, plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, each, a total of 8.
      Basic terms and general regulations
      . The wheel
      is a row for one week.
      . The disk
      The cards to the brand or the brand each time.
      three, circles
      The four people sitting in a circle each.
      . Fourth, inning
      The four laps or reaching the prescribed time as one game.
      5. Circle
      The signs of the number of competitions in each game. The first circle is the east wind circle, the second circle is the south wind circle, the third circle is the west wind circle, and the fourth circle is the north wind circle.
      6. Gate wind
      The signs of each plate of athletes. The dealer is the east wind, the next family is Nanfeng, the home is the west wind, and the home is the north wind.
      7. Positioning
      The athletes and positions determined by the lottery number.
      Eight, the dealer, the home
      This owner is the dealer, and the rest are beside the home. Whether or not he has a card, the dealer is not even Zhuang.
      Rotten the rotation
      The athletes are replaced in accordance with the provisions of the competition regulations during the competition.
      ten, hand card
      The cards placed in front of your door are hand cards, the standard is 13. During the licensed process, it includes the Shunzi, carved seeds, and bar in front of the door;
      eleven. The card
      is a separate combination that must be combined by the basic card and the card.
      . Twelve, Shunzi
      3 cards connected to the same color order number.
      3. Carving
      3 the same card. It was a moment when it touched, and the secret car grasping in my hand.
      , the pair
      two of the same card.
      , fifteen, word card
      refers to wind cards and arrow cards, wind cards are east, south, west, and north. The arrow is medium, hair and white.
      . Nine cards
      The first and nine -time cards in the preface card.
      . Eating cards
      Pets to play cards on the home, report "Eat" to take out their two cards together to form Shunzi, and put on this sub -card in accordance with regulations Before the card.
      eighteen, touching cards
      Pets to play cards after any family, report "bump" to take out their opposite, add them together to form a carved man, and put on this sub -card as required to light up. Before standing.
      . The bars
      It 4 the same cards of the bars.
      Twenty, supplementing flowers
      After grabbing the flower card, put it in front of the card, and finally make up a card from the brand wall.
      21, listening
      The cards that only need to be able to harmonize the card.
      22. Hetai
      The card -type conditions that meet the prescribed types, meet or exceed the standards and sub -standards.
      23. Self -touching and

      24, point and
      cards played with others.
      Twenty -five, newspaper cards
      B line cards announced that they eat cards, touch cards, open bars, supplement flowers or harmony.
      26. Fan type
      is the title or card method of various card combinations with a certain point.
      27. Punishment

      28. Single placing
      The cards of the harmony of the harmony of the card. Do not insert it into the hand at will, and place it separately in order to check it.
      29, multiple, less Zhang
      , and in front of the card, the number of hands is more than or less than the specified quantity.
      30. The desert card
      has captured the 144 cards per game, and there is still no one after the play.

    2. Conventional Hu card: 4 pairs of 1 pair, the most common and basic latte. Example: 3.33 million
      22 cake
      567 cakes
      789 " , Even seven pairs). 2. Special Hu card: There are 4 small categories, but they are not common because it is difficult to do. (1) Seven pairs: 7 pairs (4 pieces of the same calculation 2 pairs, cannot open the bar). Example: 110,000
      22 cake
      99 Article
      The hair but not allowed hfers in some places. (2) Thirteen: 13 signs of nine -character card, plus any of them as a general. Example: 1
      9 cake
      Mid -

      The white but some places are not allowed to be hung. (3) Nothing: Also known as "Thirteen Rotten". 1.47 million, 258 cakes, 369 (colorful can be swap) and 7 types of characters, a total of 16 singles. Example: 1
      9 cake
      8 R n
      but many places are not allowed by Mahjong. (4) Combination Dragon: 1.47 million, 258 cakes, 369 (colorful can be swap), 9 pieces of 3 pairs, the remaining pair of any pair. Example: 3.69 million
      147 cakes
      33 cakes
      Xixi Xixi, but many places do not allow Hu (such as Guangdong Mahjong). These two categories are the most basic categories. For more specific, there are many kinds of conventional cubes (such as mixed colors, bumps, etc.), and two (or above) cards can be superimposed (such as mixed colors and bumps can be superimposed).
      The answer supplements one of the "sub -" in the conventional card: one is "Shun", and the other is "engraving" (or bar). Shun is three color cards connected by size, such as 1.23 million. The word cards cannot be used to do Shunzi (some places can). Shunzi can catch it by yourself or eat. Eating is to make a family. You can call "eating". Use 2 cards to form a Shunzi and brightly bright, and then hit a hand in your hand. The engraved is the same card, which can be done with color cards and cards, such as South South and South. The engraving can be grasped (dark carving) by itself, or you can get the card to get it (bright). Touching is the other three of them played. You can call "touch", use two cards to form a carved man with this card, and make another one in your hand. The bar is the same type, but it is just 4 cards, and the role is the same as the carved son. There is one bar you have one more. The hidden bar is to grab 4 photos by yourself, and then grab one more at the end of the bar at the end of the bar (called the "open bar". You can get 4 to open the bar, or you can pass a few. Bar). There are two types of bright bars: others make one, you have a secret carrier, you can call "bar", bright Ming Ming (you can't move in the future), grab one picture at the end of the bar; Grab one, add this one to the bright bar as a bright bar, and get a picture at the end of the bar. Essence The 1 pair is the same, and there are only 1 pair in Hu card, which is called "general", referred to as "will". "Mahjong" must have "will".
      The answer supplements are based on 4 pairs of cards, and there are several types of Hu: 1. Fishing generals: 4 pairs of preparedness, lack of generals. One left, with this general, this one. You can Hu (single fishing, such as 2 fishing 2), 2 (double fishing, such as 1234 fishing 1, 4), 3 photos (three fishing, such as 2345678 fishing 2, 5, 8); 2. Shunzhang: 3 The auxiliary 1 pairs are all available, lacking 1 pair. Two left, to use these 2 photos, there are three cases: (1) side by side: 12 Hu 3, or 89 Hu 7; 5; (3) Two ends: two sides of the two sides, such as 23 Hu 1, 4; (4) Three heads: 5 pieces of Hu and 3, such Qi, there are 2 pairs, one of which is engraved with Hu, so Hu these two. Such as South South, 22 cake Hu Nan, 2 cakes. 4. Comprehensive type: The above three types of composite types, such as: 24.44 million, and the remaining 9 are 3 parsions-30,000, fishing 20,000, 2 pieces of mouth; 2345666 million, the remaining 6 are 2 pairs- -1.47 million, fishing 250,000, 5 pieces; 10,000, the remaining 3 pieces-to 2.58 million, 3.69 million, fishing 470,000, 8 pieces of mouth; 777.89 million south, the remaining 6 are 2 pairs- -In the side of 70,000, 70,000 south winds, 2 pieces; 10,000, the remaining 3 pieces-3.69 million, fishing 580,000, 340,000 pairs, 6 mouths.
      Is supplemented with 13 pieces of thirteen, 4 pairs of 1 pairs are Jiulian Treasure Lantern: 10---477 million, 3.69 million, fishing 2.58 million, 9 mouths.

    3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question. I am sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~nHeishan Mahjong, as the name suggests, is a Mahjong game in Heishan, Liaoning Province. When it comes to mahjong, everyone must be familiar with everyone. Mahjong in various places is not the same in rules. The rules of Heishan Mahjonghow is basically similar to pushing the rules, but the special type of the Daqi and Daqi pairs and the fluttering Hu is added. Stimulate. Players who like Heishan Mahjong can go to Black Mountain Shengjing chess and cards. The rules of the game here are consistent with the local gameplay of Heishan. When it's okay, there are a few Ma friends and rubbing two fun. (Transfer from Kurishan Shengjing chess and card)nHupai Rules Edit Voice 1 Instead of Hu 2 When there are 3 mixed in the hands of the player, or you must touch the Hu Fan type 1 Suhu (not mixed) when you hold the run or mix a single hanging Seven pairs (luxury seven pairs) X4 5 large -seven pairs (ultra -luxury seven pairs) x8 6 Special: can be drifted: float immediately to be used as two more bottoms on the basis of calculating points. You can hang the gear: equivalent to X2, and the bumper points are doubled. If the player is floating and blocked again, then the calculation is to take the first one to add a bumper 1 light bar one per person, one 2 dark bars, two 3 dots, 3 dots: the bumper loses to the bars 3 4 mixing bars : There must be a bar in 10 5 people per person. You must not be a fight for the landlord. 1. The brand rocket: That is, the double king (king of the size). Bomb: There are four cards with the same point (such as four 8). Except for rockets and bombs larger than themselves, everything can be played. Single card: single card. Delivery: two points with the same number. Three cards: three cards with the same number. Three belts: three cards one single or one -to -one card. For example: 888 5 or 888 33. Shan Shun: Five or more continuous single cards. For example: 3 4 5 6 7 8. It does not include 2 and big kings. Shuangshun: Three or more continuous cards. For example: 33 44 55. It does not include 2 and big kings. San Shun: Two or more continuous three cards. For example: 333444. It does not include 2 and big kings. Plane with wings: Sanshun a set of cards with the same number. For example: 333444 69 or 333444555 667799. Four belt two: bomb any two cards with the same number. For example: 5555 3 8 or 4444 55 77. 2. Send cards and landlord cards: At the beginning of the game, each person posted 17 cards and left 3 cards to make cards. Before determining the landlord, the player could not watch the card. In the process of sending the card, there is a "Ming card" button to select whether the card is made. If you choose a Ming card, the rest of the players can see the player's card. Calling card: The first call person in the first game was randomly specified by the system. If a player chooses "Mingpai" in front of the call, the first player who chooses "Mingpai" gives priority to obtaining the name of the name. The call card is carried out in the order of the card. When you call the card, you can choose "calling landlord" and "not called". If some players choose "calling landlords", they immediately end the call, the player is the landlord; if they are "not called", they will redistribute and re -call the card until someone "calls the landlord". Robbing landlord: When a player calls the landlord, each player has the opportunity to "grab the landlord" in order. Any player who has "not called landlord" operation cannot perform the "grab landlord" operation. After the player chooses to "grab the landlord", if no other players continue to "grab the landlord", the local owner's rights belong to the "grab the landlord" player. If no player chooses to "grab the landlord", then the right of the local owner belongs tonThe right of the local owner belongs to the player of "the landlord". Every time the landlord is grabbed, the game multiple is × 2. Mingpai: 1. Mingpai starts: When preparing for the game, select the Ming brand to start, the game multiple × 5. 2. Sending cards: Select the Ming card game during the process of sending a card. When the number of cards is less than half, the game multiple is × 4, and the number of cards is more than half, the game multiple × 3. 3. At the same time, if many players choose the "Mingpai" before determining the landlord, they are calculated based on the largest explicit number multiple. After the landlord gets the bottom card, the Ming brand will be on the previous multiple × 2. Double: After the landlord is grabbing, the landlord takes the card to the hand and doubles the selection function. The player can choose to double or not double the player in 3 seconds. The double function is owned by the gold coin yard, and the player's gold coin reaches a certain number (the number of gold coins is to be determined) to double, otherwise the system cannot be doubled by default. There is no double function in the integration field. Delivery: The first round of the landlord was released first. The landlord's first round of cards had 30 seconds. Before the card was released during this period, the landlord could choose the "Ming card". Other players did not choose the right to "Mingzi" at this time. Essence After that, every player (including landlords) has only 20 seconds to release the card time. After a round, the players who played the last hand played. In the game, players have two options: "None" and "Play" (the first player only has "card" choice). As long as in the same round, the player chose "no out" last time, and next time he can still " "Pass".nMore 2nBleak

    4. Mahjong's (paste) method is very simple, that is, 123
      or AAA has 4 sets of cards
      plus a pair of
      that is, fourteen cards to paste
      The narrative is based on Guangdong Mahjong.
      seeing: The card is buckled all over, so that the card is facing down. Players rub the cards with both hands to move the card evenly and disorderly, called "shuffle".
      Code card: After washing evenly, 36 cards per person, two cards on the top and bottom of each person, each of which is 18 pier each, and the code is placed in front of the door. It is connected to a square.
      Open card: The dealer rolls the dice. The dealer is the first place, and the number of points to the point in the direction of the counterclockwise direction is the opening of the card. From the right to the left to the same number of the same number as the point, the dealer starts to grab the two pier cards, and the next family will grab the cards in a clockwise direction. The card (separated by one pier) grabs the two cards on the upper layer, and the others grab one in order. There are 14 cards in the dealer, and there are 13 cards for others.
      This cards, trials, and replenishment: Classified and sorting the cards in your hands, neatly arranged, and examine the potential. If there is a flower card in your hand, the dealer is first supplemented by the dealer, that is, take a card from the end of the brand wall. The other three are supplemented one by one in order. If the flower card is returned, it will be supplemented after the round is over.
      Line cards: licenses are the process of playing cards. Start with the first card of the dealer, this process includes card capture, cards, cards, cards, touches, open bars (bright bars, dark bars), complement the card or waste card

    5. Mahjong is also different due to different regional rules. It is usually divided into Beijing Mahjong, Sichuan Mahjong, Wuhan Mahjong, and so on.
      Wessing rules in Beijing, China
      Basic rules: Invollerate, you must touch yourself without eating.
      The can eat cards at will, and there is no limit to the card method. The more common adding card types are: yes, harmony, big fishing (that is, people in the world), catch five queers, sea fish fishing, one dragon, seven pairs, blooming on the bar, clear, luxurious seven small pairs. The rest of the harmony method is calculated based on the basic points (please refer to the "Beijing Mahjong Point Calculation Method"), but the point of the same card after breaking the door is 1/2 of the original quasi -point number.
      Special rules:
      1) The regulations of the burning village
      Pets to play the first card for each owner, and the remaining three players also play the same card, Beijing's saying is called "Burning Village". At this time, the owner should pay the burning village of 1,000 points for this for this. If the second one starts to continue to "burn the village", the number of points that the owner should pay will double up and push in order. But if the card is deserted, there is no need to pay the burn. Essence
      The cards in the process of "Burning Zhuang" also have certain requirements:
      It as the first card played by the owner is the limelight, if the Nan family has this card, it must be necessary to have this card. The same is true for the same card, the rules of the West and the North Family; if the three of the southeast and west have already played the same style card, if the Beijia also has this card, it must play that card. Otherwise, if the North family gets this card in the grabbing card behind the market, the Beijia is obliged to show everyone; if the first card played by the Dong family is not the limelight, the other three of the other three have no obligation to play the same card.
      2) The regulations for eating cards
      . If the family eats and knocks down 3 mouths from the other, the two will automatically form a "mutual package" relationship in the card here. In other words, if any of the harmony is the same, the other will pay all the points. If the two eat a card at the same time, they will be packed according to the differences between the points of the card.
      Plip to touch the card, put the cards that you eat or touched in horizontally, and point to the player who played this card, and put it in his own "mouth". Then put it on your right end code neatly.
      3) The rules of touching cards
      Since the rules of eating cards are preferred, the contestants must be reacted quickly. If other people who eat cards have put this card into their own "mouth", This player will lose the opportunity to touch this card. And this card will be regarded as "exposure cards".
      4) The provision of playing cards
      When the players play cards, as long as the cards are exposed to the desktop within 4 card walls, this card must be played.
      5) The provisions of the card
      This to touch the card in advance before going to the house, or the move that scrambles first and then will be fined 1,000 points.
      6) Regulations for grabbing the bar
      The gap of the bright bar: After a player touched a card, he grabbed the name of this card and made the "bright bumper" "bright bumper. "At that time, I just caught up with other players listening to this card. The player who listened to the card could be in the form and card of" grabbing ".
      This bumper: The "dragon body" of "one dragon" can grab the "secret bar" and cards of other players.
      Note: All the cases of grabbing and cards will be handled by the players who open the bar. The players who have the artillery should pay according to the points generated by the harmony players.
      7) The regulations of the barren card
      All cards are only caught the penultimate 7 砘 card. Perform 1 bars to leave 7 个, 2 bars to leave 8 砘 cards.
      3. The card type and point calculation of the card (the following points are based on the door clearing)
      1) The basic point of the card type calculation
      2) and the number of the card and the number of the card
      a. R
      pair pair: He has 4 "carved sons" and a "pair" 14 cards. (2)
      Daisheng (that is, people in the world): Eat 12 cards, only one single fishing and card. (2)
      The cards
      Catch the five queen: only the card type with the card with "
      ". (2)
      Single fishing
      Sea Lifan Moon: When the last one is obtained, the card is called "Haidilao Moon" Essence (2)
      Note: If this card of Haidilao Yue is caught, if you disagree, you must play it out. You must not change other cards to play (you can choose to give up the "sea card"). If this card is put on others, you need to add 1 time to others.
      one dragon: a color of the color of the hand in the hand
      "1--9" is "one dragon". (3 times)
      Seven pairs: 14 cards are 7 pairs of sub -mixed methods called "seven pairs".
      (4 Fan)
      Bingllows: The cards that are made up when listening to the card are called "bumper blooming" (5)
      During the color, it is called "Qing Yue" (6 Fan)
      luxury seven pairs: Seven pairs have a secret bar in the secret bars and called "luxury seven pairs" (8 Fan)
      Ningbo The rules of Mahjong
      Ningbo Mahjong uses all the cards of traditional Chinese Mahjong, including spring, summer, autumn, winter, plums, orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemums, and versatile (wealth god).
      This card rules
      In the use of 2 dice and rolled at the same time. The two points are added to decide where to open the card. Small points determine the God of Wealth. There are 13 cards and 14 dealers.
      Ningbo Mahjong's cards are counted in the number, stipulating that more than 4 units can be opened, and they can be eaten and touched in playing cards.
      In Ningbo Mahjong uses spring, summer, autumn, winter, plums, orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemum as a bar, that is, you can open any of these 8 cards to open the bar, and Ningbo Mahjong set up a dealer as the owner as the owner. Later, it is south, west, and north. If the dealer can add one to spring or plum, you can add one if the dealer's lower family bars to summer or orchid can be added in order. Autumn, winter or plums, orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemums, 2 are counted.
      The other types of cards are:
      1, medium, hair, white "engraved" and "bar", one "engraved" and "bars" add one; The owner (the dealer is the owner) with one of the east winds, and one of the southern winds of the southern family;
      3, Ningbo Mahjong also has east, south, west, and north circle, that is, 4 players A. , B, C, D, if A is the dealer in the first round, then this round will begin to be the Dongfeng circle, and the next step is to be the east wind circle after the a lower village B, C, and D. The circle becomes the southern wind circle. According to such push, if there is one in the Dongfeng circle, there is one in the east wind, and one is added.
      string 6
      Hu card card type and size
      row of Hu: 0 table
      The card types are carved and the 2 taught or card type is all smooth hut 2 heads, but the head is the wind card containing the table.
      Pinghu: 1

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