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    Grand Theft car 4 aircraft


    Sep 23, 2022

    Can Grand Theft Speed ​​4 be able to drive an airplane? Except helicopter. Can you drive a passenger aircraft fighter?
    It in that place. Do you need cheats? Tell me with a clear master. Thank you!

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    1. Sin city? Unfortunately, there is nothing other than helicopter ~ the airports are all furnishings ... but there are several types of helicopters: the top of the Sakashima apartment (the one that can be bought) -ordinary aircraft -the flexibility is good; West Western; West West; The island military base (the aircraft should be found a little) -The armed helicopter -you can shoot and fire, high armor; pick up a hundred parcels or do all the main line tasks (one hundred dollars) -Apache Armed helicopter -basically unable to move, strong maneuverability, and high attack. In addition, the tank password can be changed to Apache, but the low armor of the flying can only fired, fly across the sea, and go upstairs. Look at the specific change, I forgot. Finally, I wish you a happy LZ game! PS: On the first floor is San Andreas ...

    2. What are you talking about the first generation?

      gta VC protagonist: Tommy

      -stick weapon
      > -gun weapon
      > Weapon
      > -Fill the bulletproof jacket
      > Aspirine -full blood
      > -In 2 policemen catch your stars
      > -Beve weather
      > -D super good weather
      > Abitdrieg -Yun Tian
      > -N> Roy days
      > -Llower day
      > Panzer -tank n> -time Faster
      > Bigbang -All the cars nearby explosion
      > -Cod character skin
      > -The people on the street
      > - -Everyone on the street has weapons
      > OnSpeed ​​-Fast
      > -Going slower
      > -The car is gone .. Only wheels
      > n> -Open Tan Tiao
      > Chasestat -Display Your Vice Level
      > -Gangbangs Turn Into MM
      > - Suicide
      > -Frost the car on the road
      > -Aricdress Skin
      > -BLACK Skin
      > -Give you a Banger Banger
      > You Limo
      > -Give you a garbage truck
      > -Give you a Sabre Turbo
      > -Give you a caddy
      > -Lance skin
      > -skin
      > -ken skin
      > -rollman skin
      > -band skin
      > -? Intersection Intersection
      > Seaways -shui shang piao
      > -? Intersection Intersection
      > Hopingirl-? Intersection Intersection
      > Airship -qi tian chuan
      > -? Intersection Intersection
      > -? Intersection Intersection
      > -Super fast cars
      > -Super super fast car
      > -Suxian Super Express
      > -Woman will be attracted by you
      > -? Intersection Intersection
      > -This in the mouth
      > -Become Fatter
      > -Become Thinner

      GTA SA protagonist: CJ

      health = health, ARMOR, $ 250K health and bulletproof coats are full, repairing the vehicle, getting $ 250,000
      ogxsdag / worshipme = max respect highest prestige
      vkypqcf = max stamina maximum endurance
      jysdsod / buffmeup = max muscle The maximum muscle value
      eHibxqs / = Max Sex Appel maximum attractive
      vqimaha / = max all very Skill Stats driving technology is the highest
      ncsgdag / = hard weeapon stats. = Fat maximum obesity
      kvgyzqk = Skinny minimum muscle value and obesity
      cvwkxam = Infinite oxygen water
      aeduwnv = NEVER GET Hungry. Give it high
      iavenjq / = Mega Punch protagonist and passers -by's fists. rnLXGIWYL = Weapon Set 1, Thugs Tools 暴徒武器rnKJKSZPJ / = Weapon Set 2, Tools 专业武器rnUZUMYMW = Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools 疯狂武器rnWANRLTW / FULLCLIP = Infinite Ammo, No RELOAD weapons and ammunition unlimited (without a magazine)
      ouiqdmw = Free Aim While Driving can be aimed at shooting when driving Get a miniature assault rifle when the gun) sjmahpe = recruit anyone (9mm) can recruit anyone as a younger brother (equipped with a 9mm pistol)
      bmtpwhr = recruit anyone (AK47) to recruit anyone as a younger brother (equipped with AK-47)
      ZSOXFSQ / = Recruit Anyone (Rockets) can recruit anyone as a younger brother (equipped with a rocket) foooxft = Everyone is armed passersby all owns weapons
      ajlojyqy = pEDS Attack Each Other. Bounty On Your Head, everyone attacks you
      bgluawml = pEDS Attack you with weapons, Rocket Launcher, everyone will attack you with weapons (some people will use rockets)
      asnaeb / = clear watch And the military base invalid)
      oSRBLHH / = Increase WANTED Level Two Stars add two alarm stars
      ljspqk / bringiton = SIX Star Wanted Level Six Police Stars are full of
      aezakmi / ifIIRSTDOZ = NEVER WANTEDONTED Want to be wanted by the police (you can smuggle and break through the military base)
      jqntdmh = spawn Rancher to get a jeep Rancher
      rzhsuew = spawn Caddy. TANKER
      kgggdkp = spawn vortex to get a wing wing boat Vortex
      eegcyxt / = spawn dozer to get a bulldozer
      aqtbcodx / = spawn romero, a funeral car omero
      akjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjJYGL / Get a four -wheeled motorcycle quadbike
      ubhyzhq / truegrime = spa WN gets a garbage truck
      agbdlcid / = spawn Monster to get a off -road big car Monster
      KRIJEBR / = spawn Stretch to get a ring -type VIP car Stretch
      cqzijmb / = spawn blooding banger一辆Bloodring Banger rnPDNEJOH / = Spawn Racecar 得到一辆赛车Hotring Racer 1 rnVPJTQWV = Spawn Racecar 得到一辆赛车Hotring Racer 2 rnAIWPRTON = Spawn Rhino 得到一辆坦克Rhino rnJUMPJET = Spawn Hydra 得到九头蛇战斗机Hydra rnOHDUDE = Spawn Hunter 得到阿帕奇战斗机Hunter rnURKQSRK / = Spawn Stunt Plane 得到杂技飞机rnYECGAA / ROCKETMAN = Have Jetpack 得到火箭飞行器rnAIYPWZQP = Have Parachute gets parachute
      CPKTNWT / = Blow Up All Cars. / Press the speaker to bounce
      coxefgu / = all cave nitro all cars to get two nitrogen acceleration agents
      jcnruad = Smash N Boom transportation will explode if it is impacted (the transportation of the protagonist will not be destroyed)
      BSXSGGC / = CARS FLOAT AWAY When HIT Transportation will rise when it is impacted
      ripazha / = Cars Fly. / = Boats Fly Ship can fly on the water
      zeiivg = All Green Lig All traffic lights of HTS turning green
      LLQPFBN = pink traffic all transportation turns into pink
      iowdLac = Black Traffic all transportation tools into black
      bgkgtjh / = traffic is cheap cars. R NGUSNHDE / = Traffic is Fast Cars on the road
      cikgcgx / = beach party beach party (protagonist and pedestrians are wearing beach clothing)
      fvtmnbz = traffic is country veryles rural mode (protagonist wear Shangxiang clothing, there are some rural vehicles on the road)
      priebj / crazytown = funhouse theme house (the protagonist is dressed as a clown, passers -by driving interesting vehicles)
      aFPhultl / ninjatown = ninja the ninja mode (get the length of the growth Knife, a black motorcycle on the road)
      BEKKNQV = Slut Magnet attracts all prostitutes (the protagonist puts on a slave tight -fitting dress, you can use prostitutes in the car to replenish blood)
      asbhgrb / = elvis is passersby and driver.
      mroemzh / = gangmembers passersby are all LS gang members
      bifbuzz = gangs Control the Streets passersby is a member of all gangs (there are no vehicles except LC)
      thgloj / ghosttown = Reced TRAFFIC traffic. (There are very few vehicles on the road, no pedestrians)
      ylteicz = Driveers driver is aggressive (the car bumps straight)
      iojufzn / = Riot Mode riot mode (passers -by is crazy, some cars will explode)
      afzllqll / = Sunny Weather Cloudy
      icikpyh / = very Sunny Weather Sunshine
      ALNSFMZO = Overcast Weather Yin Cloud Clouds
      auifrvqs = Rainy Weather Rainm = Foggy weather is filled with fog
      cwjxuoc = Sandstorm Dust weather
      ofviac = Orange Sky 21:00 Orange Sky, will always be 21:00
      xjvsnaj / = always midnight. nysohnul = Faster CLOCK game time passes quickly
      ppgwjht / speeditup = faster gameplay game speed (can be lost twice)
      lyoaay / = Slower gameplay game speed slow (can be lost twice)
      munasef / = Mode action, sound, etc. have become very slow (except for driving)

      gta4 protagonist: niko

      1, full weapon full life-482-555-0100
      2, all weapons are 486-555-0150
      3, the weapon obtains ammunition-486-555-0100
      4, life-362-555-0100
      5, long-term turn-267-555 -0100
      6, turning high-267-555-0150
      7, changing the weather-468-555-0100
      8, a black-handed party special car-227-555-0142 r
      9, a motorcycle appears-625-555-0150
      10, a FBI vehicle appears-227-555-0100
      11, a Turismo-227-555-0147
      11 appears, appears A NRG900-625-555-0100
      13, a Comet-227-555-0175
      14 appeared, a SuperGT-227-555-0168
      15 appeared, and a police helicopter appeared. (Can shoot) -359-555-0100
      16, a Jetmax (ship) appears-938-555-0100
      how to use: Enter the first full weapon on the phone, such as the first full weapon full life. lose

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