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    Detailed introduction to the first season of power games


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The first season of the game of power tells the end of the usurping warrior war, and Robert has been on the throne for many years.
      "The Game of Thrones" is based on the Writer George R. R. Martin's fantasy masterpiece "Song of Ice and Fire" seven. The entire world in the plot is almost equivalent to the earth, mainly divided into two continents.
      is located on the west is the "sunset country" Vestro, which is about the same as South America. Located on the east is a land that is similar to the Asia -Europe continent.
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    2. The game plot of power mainly tells that the lord of the King of the King of the North Border, Ned Stark, died of bizarre death in the capital of the capital because of the current Prime Minister Jon Elin. At the invitation of the king Robert, Nide replaced Jon Elin as the king. Hand (Prime Minister) fought in power afterwards.
      In the world of ice and fire songs, the four seasons are replaced by the year. The unified Kingdom of Westlo is about to bid farewell to Changxia and usher in winter. The first season of the story happened in the months of this period.
      Plabie Bayen invited his old friend, Duke Ed Stark to serve as the former Prime Minister of the Imperial Pioneer, to replace the ex -prime minister who had just died, Ed's mentor Jon Elin. At first, Ed was not willing, but after receiving the information of Jon Elin's murder, he accepted the invitation of Robert and intends to use his position to investigate the suspicious murder.
      The at the same time, on the Eros continent in the East, the descendants of the former royal Tanglian family are planning to restore the great cause, trying to drive the Ielo Robert to the iron throne. To this end, Wesseris Tanglian arranged the marriage of her sister Denon Lisi and the leader of the 40,000 Slak Warriors, Zhuogica, and hoped to use Doslac's power to counterattack Vestro. But as far as Denolis is concerned, all she wants is a refuge that is far from the ambitious of Robert assassin and brother.
      The north of the seven kingdoms, the Nights Legion guarded for 300 miles and standing for thousands of years. The main responsibility of the night guard is to resist the invasion of the savages that cannot be absent from the Great Wall. However, there are rumors that in Yong winter, a new dark force is gradually waking up.

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